unique artists
& original ideas
deserve inspired websites

Combining 10+ years of experience and a passion for music and design, KATINK web design excels in customized websites for extraordinary talent. Websites designed to get you seen and heard.

Website building is image building. A solid first impression can make an immediate difference by attracting and engaging online public, getting you noticed and ensuring that your audience keeps coming back. KATINK web design specializes in maximizing your online presence and helping your public grow.

Specializing in websites for classical musicians, KATINK web design collaborates with world-class artists and classical music agencies in Europe.

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We Offer

flexible design solutions
a wide range of in-house services
extensive experience & knowledge in the classical music field

We Believe

in smart design with a stylish twist
in meeting deadlines
in mindful social media
in commitment and honesty

We Work With

incredible musicians
creative entrepreneurs
world-class agencies in the UK, including Harrison Parrott, Intermusica and Albion Media

We Design

websites that are unique and fully customised
websites that are responsive
websites that attract and engage your audience

We Love

graphic design, music,
colour and clarity.
And smoothies.

We Strive

to create the best web experience possible
to feel music flowing through a website
to attract and engage your audience